Better Accident Prevention in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Photo: Gjensidige

Gjensidige, a leading insurance company, has more than 10,000 corporate customers in the construction industry. They have observed that their customers face challenges in providing systematic HSE training.

Unifractal makes it simple to deliver important training on proper use of personal protective equipment among other things to employees. Additionally, we have collaborated with Betonmast, one of Norway's largest contractors, to create easily accessible training content tailored specifically for the construction industry.

Preventing accidents is the goal

The goal is to prevent accidents, and Gjensidige believes that Unifractal's solution is perfectly suited for this objective.

«The most sustainable injury is the one that doesn't happen, and this service supports that ambition»
Lene Lundblad Director of Customer Development Gjensidige

Gjensidige sees great potential in reducing risks in a vulnerable industry and wants to determine whether customers find this tool useful in their daily lives.

«Initially, we want to offer this accident prevention service to a selection of our small and medium-sized customers in Northern Norway,»
Johannes Nilssen Industry Manager for Construction & Engineering Gjensidige

Together for a safer future

«We are extremely fortunate to be part of solving such an important challenge together with Gjensidige,» says Anette Kristin Bø Andreassen, COO of Unifractal.

Together with partners such as Gjensidige and Betonmast, we can further develop this tool to become a game-changer for safety in the construction industry. It's a dream come true for a startup like us.

Reducing time-to-market

The team at Gjensidige Commercial also sees several potential use cases for Unifractal's solution, and this collaboration showcases the strength of partnerships with startup companies.

«We reduce time-to-market and can test faster and cheaper. We can verify the value and interest among customers in a simpler way than if we had built the service ourselves.

In addition, we gain access to expertise that we don't possess internally - a win-win-win situation for us, Unifractal, and especially our customers.»
Simen Engebretsen Strategy & Corporate Innovation Gjensidige

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