The Unifractal app is now available on the google play store and apple app store. Below, you will find links and instructions to install the app on your device.

Access to the content in our app is currently on an invite-only basis, and you need to get an invite from your location's manager. If you've received an invite, follow the instructions below.


Our app is available on both the Apple app store and Google Play store. Click the corresponding icon below to find the store page for your platform.

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The android app is available directly on play store. You can find the link to download it by clicking the play store badge above.
Download android app on play store


The iOS app is available directly on the app store. You can find the link to download it by clicking the app store badge above.
Download iOS app on the app store

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received an invite or a location code, what can i do?

At this time, we're operating on an invite-only basis to access the app for our clients. If your company is a client of ours, or if you want to become one, please contact us at

Why do we regularly deactivate app versions?

Since our product is fairly new still, we will from time to time, have to make large updates to our system. In order to keep up fast paced development, it's often easier to deactivate older versions that rely on older server code, than to make everything new backwards compatible. We will always ensure there's a new version you can upgrade to before deactivating a version.

Drop us a line.

Would you like to know more about how you could use Unifractal? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to arrange a product demonstration and cater a solution to your needs!

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