Our story

Unifractal was officially established in 2020 after several years of the founders working together on a prototype that helped new students orient themselves around complex and technical equipment in a sound engineering studio. This process led us to incorporate innovations in AR technology, improved micro-learning workflows and build a robust dashboard for content management and object annotation.

Since then, the company has grown in strength, with Unifractal applied to a wide range of use cases in Norway with great success. Our philosophy is that “every object tells a story” and the team is focused on continuously developing Unifractal as the platform to tell it - with your help, of course!

Unifractal founders

Our mission

Unifractal wants to tell the story about every object by applying innovative technologies to enable fast & simple learning for users handling complex environments who prefer control and freedom of their learning process as opposed to rigid & traditional training methods.

The team

Jon-Marius Aareskjold


With years of experience in tertiary education and the commercial music industry, Jon Marius brings clarity to the use of the app in micro-learning environments. His broad network of institutional partners helps bring Unifractal's practical application to effective use.

Ismet Bachtiar

Product Manager

As a veteran player in the interactive industries, Ismet brings his broad media and project management experience to build on the idea behind Unifractal. As the Product Manager, his intuition around technology trends and emphasis on UX defines the app's unique identity.

Simen Fjellstad


A creative programmer at heart - Simen has the ability to transform difficult concepts into programmable workflows. As CTO of Unifractal - Simen is responsible for developing the infrastructure of the app and working with his team on both the app and the backend dashboard.

Anette Bø Andreassen

Business Developer

Anette is a seasoned project manager, agile coach and lean startup practitioner. As our business developer she combines her background in psychology and commercial understanding to make sure we develop Unifractal for normal people to understand and enjoy.

Stian Toften

Software Developer

Stian is responsible for the robust backend system for annotating objects, uploading and administration of content in Unifractal. As a Software Developer, he builds a sturdy infrastructure that supports the platform and app alike.

Johannes Merok

Project Manager

Unifractal would not be the same without the stories that are told on the platform by technical experts, professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts alike. Johannes helps to deploy the platform to users in a specialized work environment and with producing content for the app.

Sander Masoud

Software Developer

With a Bachelor's degree in IT, Sander is the most recent addition to the developer team. As a Software Developer he is responsible for many of the new features on the dashboard, while also having become the link between the development team and our customers.


Unifractal is made up of all sorts of people - from software developers and technicians, to educators, creative concept designers, and sales professionals.

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